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Our History

As a sixth generation Sarpy County, Nebraska farmer, Schram Seeds passion for agriculture runs deep. After graduating from the University of Nebraska Jon Schram accepted an offer to work in Northeast Nebraska at a large farm Cooperative. During his time there an opportunity arose to start his own Alfalfa, Corn and Soybean seed sales business with NK Brand Seeds by Syngenta. While he began to grow this seed business,he also had the opportunity to help on the family farm, thus giving Schram Seeds the ability to see hybrids and varieties in detail and to more accurately recommend them to customers.

Today, selling seed is only a small portion of the services provided by Schram Seeds. Through the ever-changing landscape of agriculture today, Schram Seeds has been fortunate to expand the services offered. With the addition of soil and tissue sampling services, precision planting parts, bulk seed handling, and field scouting we believe we can provide crops with the necessary factors for a strong start. By exploring the concerns and limitations specific to your farm or field we have the tools to help protect your crop from factors you may not realize are robbing your farm from yield and profits. Whether it’s a concern you are aware of and would like a second opinion on or a yield barrier you’ve approached without reason and want to break through, we are here to support you and your operation. Please feel free to contact Schram Seeds via phone or email and we would be more than happy to arrange an appointment at your convenience.

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