Monitoring Systems

The planter monitor in your cab today delivers sanitized population data. It tells you if you are within your target planting population with about a ten percent margin of error. So if you have 5% skips and 5% doubles, your monitor is happy because you are planting at 100% population. That’s not good enough. The 20/20 SeedSense® Monitor System gives you better information AND more information. Information that lets you actively manage your planter – and make changes that make you money.

The 20/20 SeedSense® system teams with 20/20 AirForce to automatically measure and manage down force to make sure you run as light as possible, while maintaining the ground contact that assures uniform seeding depth.

SeedSense includes smart pins that measure the weight on the row unit and calculates the amount of excess weight that could be removed while still maintaining full planting depth. AirForce takes the information from SeedSense and uses air to automatically increase or decrease the weight on the row unit. The row units will now run as light as possible . . . with just enough weight to keep the row units proper depth. AirForce® means automatic control.

Nothing controls down force better than DeltaForce™ from Precision Planting. In every foot on every pass, in each individual row, it monitors row unit weight and ground contact, then instantly and automatically adjusts to maintain the depth you set. In a four year study, managing down force improved yield on average 8.7 bushels.* It's a simple solution to improve yields and win.

DeltaForce is available for most John Deere, CaseIH and Kinze planter models.

DeltaForce works with 20/20 SeedSense® replacing the springs or air bags on your planter. It includes hydraulic cylinders, plus a weigh pin that sends data to SeedSense which, in turn, controls the cylinders – and your down force. Add FieldView® to see high-resolution maps of down force, applied down force and ground contact on your iPad®.

20/20 RowFlow combines with 20/20 SeedSense to provide automatic control of variable rate drive systems (to change plant populations) and swath control (to shut off individual rows or sections of the planter). Variable Rate and swath control prescriptions offer great yield improvement and increased efficiency potential, contact Schram Seeds for more information.

vDrive brings single-row control to your vSet meters. It enables incredibly precise population control on curves, when your ground speed changes and with all variable rate prescriptions – even highly granular FieldScripts® .

With vDrive system, you don't need clutches, hydraulic motors and chains or cables.  It uses a 12V electric motor that controls each row indiviually and eliminates the maintenance that hcains and cables require.

Master planting population control. Pair vSet with vDrive, and make the most of your seeds in every foot of your field.


Planting time is limited and critical.  Larger planters are not the answer to growing farm sizes.  The high speed planter of tomorrow is in your shed, today -- because now there's SpeedTube.

Powered with a 12 volt motor and integrated controller and seed sensor, SpeedTube has a belt that spins at a rate that changes wit planter speed.  By eliminating seed roll, you get optimal seed placement while planting at two times the speed you've planted in the past.


Better information in. Better information out:

For measuring population, seed spacing, skips and doubles, you depend on the accuracy of your seed sensors.
Because optical sensors use light beams, they are susceptible to all the things that can falsely break that beam. That’s why dust is such a problem. Dust that blows up the seed tube looks like seed. So the optical sensor routinely overcounts seeds, which undercuts your population. Of course there are times when you can tell dust is the issue – when you're planting with the wind and your population spikes ten or twenty thousand seeds. But more harmful impact is the day-in day-out over reporting of seeds because of dust

The YieldSense system combines the power of the SeedSense® monitor with a new flow sensor, elevator chain and paddle. Add the FieldView® app on your iPad® for high definition mapping.

With FieldView Plus, you can share yield data between combines and other iPads. Share coverage maps and automatically build complete yield maps from multiple combines. And, if you used your SeedSense for planting, you have your hybrid and planter performance data in the combine cab with you.

YieldSense works with corn, soybeans and wheat. It's compatible with John Deere 50/60/70/S Series combines. A CAN-based moisture sensor is required for operation.

Germination Tools

Row Cleaners are a great planter attachment for handling excessive residue during planting. They remove the plant debris and create a uniform seedbed; However, too light of setting leaves residue in the row competing for moisture and nutrients. Too heavy of setting tills and moves soil creating trenches and potentially alter planting depth.

NOW, with CleanSweep™, you no longer have to hope, but you can manage your row cleaner performance, from the cab, on the go.

  • Consistent depth control is the most important job of your planter. And even the best maintained planter can still have depth variation of ½” or more.    
  • Keeton® Seed Firmers gently set seeds to the bottom of the trench. A thin piece of poly slides down the seed trench, trapping seeds as they exit the seed tube and firming them into the bottom of the "V".

Singulation Tools

    Bullseye Seed Tube

This seed tube fixes two big problems:

  • Seed Richocet:  Too often, seeds hit the sensor on their way down the seed tube. When this happens, seeds ricochet down the tube causing the familiar skip/double pattern in the field. The BullsEye Seed Tubes reduces these errors with a simple offset that moves the sensor out of the way of the seed path. 
  • Premature Wear:  We’ve inserted tungsten carbide wear tips that prevent the double-disk opener from wearing through the tip of the seed tube. It’s a simple solution to an annoying and expensive problem.

Every Seed Every Time 
  • Singulate any seed size or shape — there’s no pocket or cell, which means the disk is not seed sensitive. Improved seed release — the raised platform means seeds release down the center of the seed tube minimizing seed tube ricochet. 
  • No adjustments — you get 98.5%+ singulation on almost every seed type without adjusting vac or double eliminators. 
  • Better seed agitation  seed treatments can inhibit singulation because seeds pack together at the bottom of the meter. eSet has aggressive seed agitation that keeps the seed pool fluid for better loading.

Precision Planting’s eSet® system raised meter performance expectations to new new level of excellence; however, this system was limited to Deere vacuum meters. Now, with vSet, there is high performance, pour and go meter for a wider variety of planters allowing you to pair the right planter for your operation without sacrificing meter performance.

 Now, the new vSet vacuum meter system offers current finger meter users improved singulation, more convenience, longer wear life and greater seed flexibility. And Kinze EdgeVac® owners will appreciate vSet’s adjustment-free high performance.

Improve planter performance where it counts – in the meter

Order the complete Precision Meter and get SkipStop™, PopulationMax™, and the Precision Finger Set, plus specially designed belts, cams, covers, bearings, housings and drive wheels.. Each Precision Meter will be factory tested to plant medium round seeds. Rebuild your meters with the newest technology. These components can be easily installed in your Deere or Kinze finger meter. 

Poor meter performance = lost yield

You should be getting 98% or better accuracy from your meters, but typical meters run at only 92%-97%. Each additional percentage point is worth a bushel, there is a 5.7 bushel average advantage over non calibrated meters.

Contact Schram Seeds to see the accuracy of your meters!