How to Calculate Corn Yield

For an example we're on 30" rows with 28 ears in 17 ft 5".  Our ear measures 18 rows around and 32 kernels long.  We take the rows around multiplied by the kernels long, so 18 x 32 = 576.  So 576 is the total kernels on the ear, then we multiply our total kernels by the total ears in 1/1,00th of an acre, so 576 x 28 = 16,128. We then divide our total kernels by 90, so 16,128 / 90 =179 bu/ac.

Row Width and 1/1,000th of an acre:
Number of harvestable ears in 1/1,000th of a row:
Number of kernel rows around per ear:
Number of kernels per row:
Number of kernels per ear:
Total number of kernels per 1/1,000th of an acre: