Q. What all did John Deere buy when they acquired Precision Planting?

A. John Deere bought ownership of all Precision Planting equipment and hardware except the Climate FieldView platform.

 Will Schram Seeds continue to be a Precision Planting Premier Dealer?

A. Yes, we are still going to be your local Precision Planting dealer and will continue to sell and service Precision Planting parts and systems.

If I'm a Precision Acre Customer will my 3 year FieldView subscription still be honored?

A. If you are a Precision Acre customer your 3 year FieldView subscription will still be honored, once the 3 year term is up you will then have to purchase the 1 year subscription, if you want to continue using FieldView web.

Where will I buy future Climate FieldView subscriptions, and how much will they cost?

A. Now all Climate FieldView subscriptions will be purchased either through SchramSeeds (Climate Dealer), or directly from Climate's website, www.climate.com.  
The subscription fee 
will be $499/year.

Will this acquisition affect any part of Precision Planting's operations?

A.  No, with this acquisition John Deere wants Precision Planting to operate as a separate entity and continue to be a leader and innovator in the agriculture industry.

Will Precision Planting still honor its agreement with Case IH and AGCO?

Yes, it is our understanding that John Deere is still going to honor the previous agreements with Case IH and AGCO.

 Will growers now be able to order "bare" or "stripped down" planters from John Deere?

A. For the immediate future we have been told you will not be able to order "bare" or "stripped down" planters from John Deere

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